Heartland Inventory Overview

With Aspect, you can manage your inventory by calculating your actual usage and cost. You can then analyze your data further by building your recipes and comparing your actual costs to the calculated legitimate usage/cost.

Aspect will tell you when your cost is above or below your ideal cost, pinpointing which items are causing you problems.

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Count your inventory quickly
Import invoices from major food vendors
Simplify invoice entry and accounts payable
  • Import invoices from your food vendors
  • See price changes as invoices are entered
  • Export invoices to popular accounting packages such as Quickbooks and Sage
Count inventory quickly and accurately
  • Organize your inventory items into areas, creating shelf to sheet count groups.
  • Enter counts directly into a mobile device
  • Account for raw inventory items in prepped items by creating batch recipes
Quickly review the accuracy of your cost of sales
  • Review costs for each category as a percentage of sales
  • Drill down into any category to view the items in that category.
  • Drill down into any item to further review prices, purchases and counts

Control costs using detailed recipe costing
Set menu prices using accurate and current plate cost
  • Enter ingredients for menu items to calculate preparation costs
  • Ingredient costs update to reflect most recent purchase prices
  • Create batch recipes that can be included in other recipes
Save money by locating problem areas in your inventory
  • Compare Actual versus Theoretical usage and cost
  • Review variances to locate theft, waste and improper portioning
  • Drill down to investigate the calculations behind any number
Call us at 928-288-2580 or email support@aspect-software.net