Save money and time by using Aspect Software to connect data from your Micros 3700 System

Aspect Software automatically imports data from your Micros 3700 System daily giving you one place to manage your Sales, Labor and Inventory. Using Aspect's Enterprise capabilities you can access and work with your data from any mobile device or PC.

Use Aspect's above store reporting to consolidate data from multiple sites on to one report.

Also included is the ability to transfer your labor to most major payroll processors as well as Sales and Accounts Payable information to several accounting packages. Import invoices from most major food vendors for inventory and use menu costing to calculate a theoretical cost of goods.

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Transfer your Micros 3700 sales data to a variety of accounting packages including QuickBooks

Use Aspect Software to reconcile your daily sales and send that data to QuickBooks, Mas 90, Peachtree or other accounting software. It is simple to customize Aspect sales reports to match spreadsheets you may already be using.

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Quickly review and export your labor data from your Micros 3700 system to your payroll service.

Aspect automatically imports all time clock details and tips from your Micros 3700 system. With easy to read and customized reports, you can quickly review your payroll and eliminate errors before exporting your data to your payroll processor.

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Calculate and reduce your inventory costs and improve profits

Aspect automatically imports your sales mix and menu items from your Micros 3700 system allowing you to quickly pinpoint inventory concerns and develop a theoretical cost of goods.

To make the setup even faster, Aspect can import your inventory items to get you started

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Enterprise Reporting

Use Aspect's Above Store Reporting to review data from multiple sites on one report.

Aspect can consolidate company wide reports including those with multiple concepts. Sort data by concept, region or other customized groupings.

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